About Us

BIG Holding is a regional pioneer in providing comprehensive human resources and project lifecycle support, complemented by real estate services. In June 2024, BIG Holding was listed in the region. Since our incorporation in 2006, we have managed a portfolio of rapidly growing companies and diversified into complementary service industries across the MENA region.

BIG Strategy

BIG Holding’s strategy is based on 3 main pillars:

1. Growing Core Business:

BIG aims to consolidate its position as the largest logistical support provider for the U.S. Government in Kuwait and expand its services across the GCC. It plans to diversify its customer base within Kuwait, targeting additional governmental contracts, especially in oil and gas and healthcare sectors. The Company also seeks to leverage its success in upcomming BOT/PPP. BIG’s selection strategy is a combination of:
Choosing longer duration contract,
Capitalizing on Government initiatives, and
Prioritizing projects with high cash visibility.

2. Developing New Synergistic Revenue Streams:

BIG aims to target new market segments and serve existing clients in new ways by transitioning into a technology-enabled solution provider. This includes optimizing recruitment processes and integrating with the HR cycle. BIG Holding plans to serve the SME market and develop strategic partnerships to expand its logistical support services across different industries.

3. Improving Overall Profitability:

BIG is focused on improving operating efficiency and long-term cash flow. BIG Holding emphasizes digitization to enhance customer experience and reduce operating costs. It continuously evaluates rental terms and operating expenses to drive incremental profitability.


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