Maison Kallista, the creation of Mohamed Saleh Al Khannah, launched in 1989 and was quickly put on a trajectory to success. Since its founding, Maison Kallista has become one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Kallista jewelry has been created with the highest quality of standards and achieved the optimum meticulous craftsmanship to serve customers with premium care. The brand balances its collections with classical and modern touches, giving them eclectic design with remarkable craftsmanship. Each meticulously designed and hand-crafted piece is made with precious metals, gemstones, pearls and diamonds that are sourced internationally and cut delicately turning them into marvelous pieces of art.

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Create and deliver exclusive designs that reflect the vision to become the leaders of hand-made luxury jewelry in Morocco and the world.

Through our advanced production technology and highly skilled craftsmen, Kallista was able to offer in-house designed and manufactured jewelry pieces. This enables us to have its unique designs while ensuring customers with a high quality of service.

Kallista hires the most highly-skilled master craftsmen whose expertise are reflected in each designed piece.

Through the rich experience in production and exquisite designs, Kallista is confident that its products will satisfy the desires of its customers by having them wear unique pieces of art.

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Al-Ghawally Mall,Sharq,Kuwait City
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