Real Estate House (REH) provides many specialized real estate services in high quality and efficiency. It provides services that are focused on managing facilities, may it be residential or commercial properties, and B.O.T projects that are part of build-operate-transfer contracts.

REH services also include real estate trading, marketing and brokerage. In addition to its high in demand services, REH develops specialized plans and programs, to support tenants and customers through the application of refined solutions such as “The 247 Program”. The 247 Program provides solutions in facility management, maintenance activities, and customer service around the clock, 24-hours a day seven days a week.

REH has achieved great success, not only by providing solutions, but also by applying innovative development concepts in the local real estate market, and played its role wholeheartedly in contributing to the economic development in the State of Kuwait.

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Al-Ghawally Mall,Sharq,Kuwait City


  1. Consultancy – Offer real estate consultancy for properties
  2. Feasibility Study – Provide feasibility studies for properties and create a forecast project on how profitable the property can be.
  3. Project Construction – Oversee the construction of the property and manage third-party. contracts
  4. Property Management – Develop and implement property management strategies.
  5. Market Research – Conduct market research for real estate opportunities and projects.
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Al-Ghawally Mall,Sharq,Kuwait City
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