Shareholder’s Rights Protection

Beyout Investment Group Holding Company is committed to protecting the rights of its shareholders in a manner that serves the interests of both shareholders and the company. It encourages shareholders to exercise their rights fairly and prohibits any violation or misuse of these rights by the company's management, board members, or major shareholders. To achieve this goal, the company is committed to enabling shareholders to exercise all their rights, including:
1. Receiving profits according to the company's results in the form of cash dividends or bonus shares.
2. Participating in the election and removal of board members in accordance with regulations.
3. Standing for membership in the board of directors, attending general assemblies, participating in their discussions, and voting on their resolutions.
4. Monitoring the company's overall performance and the specific actions of the board of directors.
5. Holding board members or executive management accountable
6. Accessing data and information regarding the company's activities in a regular manner.
7. Managing the owned shares and transferring them in accordance with the law.
8. Participating in the company's assets upon liquidation after fulfilling its debts.
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