Manpower, Logistics and Life Support

KRH, the HR arm of BIG, provides integrated HR solutions and life support services to various clients in Kuwait. Today KRH is recognized as a well-founded, sustainable, and legal partner to businesses within the region. As industries evolved, KRH was agile in gaining a deep understanding of its clients’ changing needs and reforming its strategies to address new challenges.
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Real Estate

REH provides specialized real estate services of high quality and efficiency. Services provided are focused on managing facilities including residential and commercial properties,and BOT projects. BIG has also developed specialized plans and programs, to support tenants and customers through the “The 24/7 Program”. The 24/7 Program provides round-the-clock solutions in facility management, maintenance activities, and customer service. The company has achieved great success, not only by providing Real Estate Solutions, but also by applying innovative development concepts in the real estate market, to contribute to the economic development in the State of Kuwait.
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